The J. Peterman Company Mendham New Jersey Review


In 2010 I was rapidly becoming a good mail order catalogue customer of J.Peterman (which at that time was based in Lexington, KY). I loved the creative catalogue, and I had ordered a number of clothing items with which I was happy. I had to return one shirt, however, because the size was way off –and I was due a refund check for the shirt @ $39.00. Then my trouble began: either the refund check never arrived, or else I mislaid it –not sure which, but in either case, I was pretty sure I had never cashed it. Eventually, after much time had passed, I phoned the company to inquire about my overdue refund, & I was told that, yes, they had gotten the returned shirt & had mailed a refund check to me. Admitting that I might have received but mislaid it, I asked the company to examine their records for the check to see if it had been cashed/ processed. My memory is not perfect, but I was 99% sure that they would find the check uncashed & could then issue a new one to me. The company rep promised to review the records & then get back to me with the result. I waited & waited & waited & waited: the callback never came, nor did any replacement check. The issue was only $39 –certainly not a bank account breaker– and I was a busy, busy, busy person (the main reason I had to shop from catalogues instead of visiting stores). I just forgot about that overdue small refund. The Peterman catalogues kept coming, and I drooled a bit but didn’t buy anything more, because whenever I scanned a catalogue I did remember the missing refund & I was annoyed –just not enough annoyed to waste yet another half-hour or more on a second phone call complaint. Literally YEARS passed. Now, finally, since my recent retirement relieved the excessive demands on my time, I have just taken on the major ordeal of another phone call to J.Peterman (which in the interim moved its HQ and now is based in Blue Ash, OH). So, what do you suppose has happened? Same old same-old: “Oh

we’ll get back to you about it.”” Yah. Sure. That was what they said the first time

four & a half years ago

but they didn’t do it. And this time they chided me for “”waiting so long”” to ask about my refund. True

I did wait for years–after my 1st inquiry had as much effect as a flying tinker’s fart in a windstorm. The $39 just wasn’t worth the extensive time required of me to keep trying to get it. I explained that

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