The Nodding Turtle Complaint


Advertises organic, hand harvested and non-processed product. This is not true. Impossible. They are very processed as they smell of chemicals and have bizarre taste. I know how they should taste for sure. Smells can differ as they can be sourced from many different regions of the world, but taste is very telling! Reviews on their website seem to be written by the same person or two people. All of the comments are very similiar forensically. Hardly none of these reviews differ. Not only that, but the dates of these reviews are also questionable. All of their reviews are fairly long and very detailed, and mirror each other with capitalization, punctuation and other dead give aways. I have screenshot and saved the reviews because I suspect they will change their reviews around to make them appear more “believable” once they read my complaint here. I”m really surprised there isn”t more complaints out there though. I know complaints left on certain threads, such as Topix, will be removed if someone requests it to be removed. Doesn”t matter what it say”s, Topix will delete it for you. Topix censors big time! They DO NOT support the First Ammendment whatsoever. Back to the seeds. I did decide to go ahead and use them but even then when heat was applied they were gross. The seed color did not bleed off into the dough like organic seeds do. I felt they tasted like a cumin-sage rub for chicken then soaked in febreeze or something. Pretty gross and definetly not worth the money! Just watch out is all.

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