Jake at 602-324-9512 made an unsolicited call to me, offering to promote an Amazon Web Site that they would set up and manage. I paid them for a 4 month promotion campaign. Since they were associated with such a reputable company I went for it.
I was set up with a website “” when someone orders from this site, it is redirected as follows:…
On the web site there is an “Admin Login” which sends you to page that lets you know how many visitors have looked at your site. I was told that Amazon would pay me direct by check at the end of each month.
Once I started to check on How do I know how many sales were made and many other question, they stopped answering my emails.
So the best that I can tell is that if there have been sales generated from mysite I am not getting credit for them.
I have checked with Amazon and The PDM Group has no association with them. PDM Group, is not a web host company commissioned by They appear to be a web hosting company that sells pre-made websites to individuals and then enrolls their customers in Amazons free Associates program.. I demand I would request a complete refund.. Stay away

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