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This company is a fraud, plain and simple they are frauds… nThe cancelation policy of $50 actually means you WILL lose ALL your money if you use this company!!! nThe Travelguard insurance you pay for also is a fraud from this site as they do not pay the premiums they charge you and only pay to insure less then half the costs of your trip… nMy travel companion died 37 days before our trip dates and I paid the travel guard insurance for a trip that cost me 3891.40 paid 398.00 (199.00 each times 2) for travel guard for a a total of 4289.40 and after providing hospital, medical records and an actual certified copy of the original death certificate and after almost 4 months of jumping through hoops and they took out for all the small print (Airline tickets are NOT refundable BS and refunds are NOT guaranteed if the hotel is NOT a participating member blah blah blah BS) I got a refund check for a whopping 237.08 which didn’t even come close to paying the premium I paid for the travelguard insurance. (What is Travelguard insurance for if it excludes so much (Travelguard claims routinely doesn’t pay them full premiums on your trip and the policy amount they issue is for a specific dollar amount (Not in the small print anywhere) less whatever is NOT covered which is pretty much everything as is their terms and premium base for nThis company ( Las Vegas) is under criminal investigation for FRAUD by 11 State Attorney Generals offices and are suspected in credit card fraud as well. nIf you have used them and have been defrauded contact your credit card company and your state attorney general’s office. nDO NOT REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY EVER!!! IF YOU HAVE CALL YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND CANCEL THE PAYMENT!!!

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