Vanilla Visa Review


Vanilla Visa gift card is a scam and a rip off ! They LIE to their customers and make excuses for everything ! I misplaced a card that had $26 balance on it and called Visa early May 2014. They said I was getting a replacement card and were charging me $10 for this and that I should get in a few weeks. 1 month went by and NO card replacement came ….so I called again to get the obvious I am sorry and we will make sure we send out that card asap….7 – 10 business days…again 1 month went by and NO card yet ! I called back today ( Sept 12, 2014 ) same sorry we will look into it and get back to you asap…..Do you honestly beleive that I trust them to send me that card after this many promises ? NO ! To think they are charging me $10 for this BS ! That is MY money they are keeping from me…and fraudulant to tell someone 3 times you are sending a replacement and NOT do that ! Is it so darn hard to put the card into an envelope and send it in the mail ? Give me a break ! Seriously why doesn’t someone do something to investigate this company and the aligations against them as they are so very many ! Vanilla Visa is scamming us and not very reliable to deal with and should not even be allow to seel these card until tney start dealing with customers and follwing through ! I am very ticked off ! I want my darn money ! They are NOT getting away with this ! I will do something ! I was thinking if everyone put in a formal complaint to the BBB and enough of them came in maybe something can be done eventually ! Please file a formal complaint at BBB ! I am writing a letter to Canada’s MP about this company ! Enough is enough ! Time to fight back !

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