Vitals Complaint


A doctor that runs a detox facility in Palm Harbor, Florida is famous for manipulating and, apparently paying to take poor testimonies of himself, off of the website. This Review website is willing to put patients in jeopardy, by deleting pertinent information that could actually be a matter of life and death. I have tried posting many updated testimonies about this doctor, as I have continued to learn more and more over the months, of the dangers of this man and his facility. I have a formal complaint against this doctor filed with the Florida Board of Medicine, yet I am not being allowed to relay updated info about him to others, by posting on the website where he leads his patients to. Instead, I have had three testimonies deleted and my husband has had one deleted. The doctor’s Vitals website states that there has been 48 testimonies made about him, yet there are only 25 testimonies on there, at the time, to read. Over 20 have been deleted in the last few months after my complaint about this doctor was made to the Florida Board. Only 4 of them deleted were mine, so that means that nearly 20 other people, with important information about this doctor’s abuse of them, have also been taken off. I have posted many testimonies on many other Review sites and NONE of them have deleted my testimonies, even if I have made more than one. website, that is apparently accepting money from the doctor, is as greedy and as much of a SCAM as the doctor who is paying to have his poor testimonies removed. Thank you to those Wonderful Review Sites, Including [redacted], that fight for the rights of the consumer to be able to speak out and inform others of the dangers and harm that some doctors inflict on their patients.

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