Warrior Dwarfs Review


On 9/29/19, I ordered a pair of snake gaiters made by Snake Guardz that were advertised by the online business known as Warrior Dwarfs. I paid for the order online and get an email confirmation for my purchase. The company was supposed to ship the item to me, but I never received it. I was not sent an email to inform me when the items was going to be shipped to me and was not sent an email with a tracking number. I called the phone number listed on the company’s website numerous times, after I waited 30 days but the phone number is not a working number. I sent an email to the company to find out what happened to the item I ordered, but I did not get a reply from the company. I did an online search on the company known as Warrior Dwarfs and found several complaints from people that ordered merchandise from this company and did not receive what they ordered.

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