Webcortex Inc. Review


Ordered a product online. Got an email saying if I chose to ship to a PO Box to provide alternate address. When I did this they delayed my order indefinitely. I replied back with info they requested about the issue and they claim they never got any of them. I sent 3 emails. Then when I called the business number listed they don’t answer, it’s a cell phone that’s turned off. The only feature that I tried to communicate with them through is chat. I gave them the info they needed and was promised my item was shipped in the next hour, only to get another email from them like the previous one that said my order would not ship to a PO Box and now shipping is still delayed indefinitely. The person I talked to through the chat knew it was a PO Box listed and didn’t tell me the item couldn’t be shipped to a PO Box. Today when I tried to get it fixed they gave me the run around and closed the chat conversation on me and then disabled the feature on my website. Totally fraud, I already paid for this item and now I have to file a claim with my bank. So I am out the money for now and the item, which was a Christmas present for my son.

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