Wellness Watchers MD Complaint


Apparently, they are partned with many online products you may wish to order. In my case, even though I was careful NOT to order ANYTHING additional to what I was ordering, first a $1.00 charge appeared on my bank account, followed later by a $59.00 charge. When I called them, I was told that they emailed me twice (not), called me twice (not), and sent me a confemation letter (not). That I would have to fill out a refund form they would email me, but was out some $9.00 fee. They emailed me right away, imagine that, they actually DO email you! I filled out the bogus form, and have sent it back to them. BTW, you only have 30 days to do this in. I have little faith that I will see any onf my money refunded to me. Beware, if you see the $1.00 charge from them, take care of it pronto! Wish I had!

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