Xpress Redi Set Go, GAI*EXPRESS, gai express 101 Howard Beach New York Review


BUYERS BEWARE, FIRST OFF THEY SCAM YOU & YOUR CREDIT CARD, SECOND OF ALL THE PRODUCT SUCKS & BURNS EVERYTHING, HER VIDEO IS BOGUS THAT SHE IS SHOWING & THE PAN & PAN HANDLE ARE SCORCHING HOT & VERY EASILY YOU CAN BURN YOURSELF SERIOUSLY! SO KATHY MITCHELL’S EXPRESS REDI SET GO IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM BESIDES BEING A DANGEROUS PRODUCT! I originally placed an order and than when I re-watched their Video on the product, I realized that I would have to order an add’l insert pan, which they show in the video as being part of the set, which it is not. Due to the expensive shipping charges & than to order an add’l pan to make the pizza’s, I decided to contact them and cancel the order. They told me I had to wait 48 hours in order to cancel, which I did, I was given a cancellation # and an email showing that this transaction was cancelled. 4 weeks later what shows up at my door, the entire order, I was furious, I called them, and they had no explanation. Apparently, to appease you, they give you a cancellation #, but, never cancel the merchandise, and on top of that they charged me for membership into their Recipe Club. I was going to return the product, but they charge a restocking fee, plus I would have to pay for the return shipping costs, so I just kept the products WHICH BURN EVERYTHING, THE PRODUCT STINKS (I guess that is what they want people to do, thats why they ignore your cancellations). It is now 2 months later, and on my charge card statement there is a deduction for the Recipe Cards Membership Club, which I have not received the cards and I cancelled it over 2 months ago. Now I have been charged TWICE. I than had to call Customer Service which is in the Phillipines and are they nasty, like they are doing me a favor, they are the ones ripping everyone off, and holding onto people’s money, and again they gave me a cancellation # and said they would refund my money, if they ever do. I am also going to report them to the Better Business Bureau, as this is an outright scam on their part, charging people and not cancelling or refunding their money, and now they charged me for an item I had never rec’d SO SHAME ON YOU KATHY MITCHELL XPRESS REDI SET GO, OR ONE OF THE OTHER 5 DIFFERENT NAMES THIS COMPANY GOES UNDER, THAT IS A RED FLAG RIGHT THERE…GAI*EXPRESS, GAI EXPRESS, GAI EXPRESS 101, XPRESS REDI SET GO 101, GAI EXPRESS 101

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