Zhizi Fund Complaint


As far as you know, a website is always the best way to represent a company: what it is about, what it offers, how successful it is, who stands behind it, where it’s based and many many things more. Especially it’s important for companies dealing with money, they have to be as transparent as possible. They have to consider everything to provide answers to all popular questions. And there can not be ant exclusions. It doesn’t depend on a country or people’s experience. A smart way is always the same. And so that’s why I am so picky and look at websites because it’s kind of a face of a company. So Zhizi Fund, what’s wrong with it? Well they never mention the fact they are from China, but it’s not that hard to guess it. The team profile is not really impressive, the team is small. It’s obviously not enough bios. You can contact them via an email or by sending something at WeChat. Are there any alternative ways to get in touch? Not sure that what they provided is enough. In general, their information is very sketchy. So it’s up to you, but I would be careful

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